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How do Rock Bags Work?

Kyowa Rock Filter Bag is a flexible erosion and scour protection netting solution successfully used for installation on bridges, pylons, river banks, in the sea and subsea marine cables and pipes, in lakes and creeks, at roads and rail embankments where erosion stabilisation or scour protection is required.

They are easily installed on uneven or sloping surfaces and integrate perfectly in challenging topographic and watercourse environments. There is no need for foundation work, as the rock bags create their own foundations.

The rock bags are a rapid fill and deployable solution, that can either be simple filled on site or be pre-filled off site and transported to the project.

Kyowa Rock Filter Bags can be used for temporary measures where a collapse has occurred or is imminent, or for longer term civil engineering projects. There have been over 17,000 civil projects with rock bags with no failures.

Successful projects throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands include Brisbane, Central Queensland, Far North Queensland, Central West NSW, New Zealand ports, Western Australia and NSW South Coast.

Features of Rock Bags

KYOWA rock bags