Erosion On Our Farms

preventing river erosion caused by water in australian farms

Everybody loves water, but farmers even more so! Without it, their crops, and livestock struggle, threatening their jobs and lifestyles. However, high levels of erosion caused by water are no joke. Too much water can also be destructive and cause serious issues such as erosion on our farms.

Rain bombs, large storms and La Nina cycles can tip the scales and cause dangerous floods. Filling the creeks with raging water can be destructive, leaving behind eroded creek banks, damaged trees, and even washed-out river crossings. Evidence of this erosion can appear in many places and can be the catalyst for different issues/hazards.

Erosion can appear as dried-up ravines or gullies, typically close to or flowing into the primary water body (river). It can also look like floating riverbanks, which have had the soil beneath them chopped away and are simply waiting to crumble. So how are all these types of erosion caused and what can be done?

Why Is Erosion On Our Farms So Dangerous?

Simply put, erosion is the process where water has cut or battered a section of soil over time, washing the soil away with it. Erosion on our farms leads to less usable land and increased hazards. This is because when small rivers or streams are flooded, they move much faster and carry much more debris. This rampant pace along with the debris chews at riverbanks, undercutting them and leaving them unstable.

Another reason is that flash flooding can cause existing ravines and gullies to develop further, whilst also creating new ones. These sections become unfarmable as they cannot be ploughed or planted and are usually quite a hazard to livestock falling in. This erosion process is known as rill or gully erosion. So, what can be done to battle erosion on our farms and help ensure the security of their crops/livestock safety?

rock bags deployed to prevent erosion caused by water on farm and stabilise river crossing.
Rock Bags deployed to prevent erosion on farm and stabilise river crossing.

Our Solution To Erosion: Rock Bags

Our Rock Bags have become increasingly popular with Aussie farmers as their go-to erosion solution.

This is simply because of how economic and effective they are. Generally used at erosion hotspots, on or under creekbanks, the Rock Bags can provide stability and strength. These flexible rope net gabions are designed to be used with the gear already found on farms! Using an excavator, digger or some type of similar machinery, you can fill a bag in roughly 5 minutes. Durable and diverse in design, the bags are created to have more than one use and are deployable in many ways. Precise Rock Placement units (PRP)have been used as blockers, to slow the flow of water and minimise erosion. Also, to support and reinforce river crossings when washed away from flooding.

Adopted by councils across Australia, rock bags are a trusted and tested erosion solution. Made from 100% recycled materials, they might be the solution you need to help keep your streams clean and safe.



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Kyowa Rock Bags are 100% recycled