Boxwall Flood Barrier used by Emergency Services to Drive Urban Flow Flood Concept

Urban Flow Flood Concept, Boxwall

The Boxwall mobile flood barrier has been used by emergency services in the urban flow concept to channel flood waters and limit the damage to property and infrastructure.

Flash floods are often dangerous and destructive.

Emergency Services develop Urban Flood Concept

European Emergency Services successfully use Boxwall for Urban Flow flood control.
Redirecting the water by channelling it. Taking control of the flow.
Flash floods need very quick action.
Boxwall typically qualifies for the job as they can be deployed by 1 or 2 personnel very quickly.

The Urban Flow concept is not a panacea for all flood situations but an interesting solution to limit damage to private and public assets.
Boxwall units are available in 2 heights: 500mm and 1000mm

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Watch how quick it is to deploy the Boxwall Flood Barrier.
Watch the Boxwall being tested at a spillway with overtopping.