Boxwall Flood Barrier Used by Emergency Services to Drive Urban Flow Flood Concept

Urban Flow Flood Concept, Boxwall

The NOAQ Boxwall is a mobile flood barrier ideal for preventing floodwater levels up to 1 metre. Building a floodwall is a simple matter of clicking the Boxwall units together. Two people can even build up a 100-metre long flood barrier in under 30 minutes! So, this is one of the most popular urban flooding solutions to protect commercial properties, public spaces, and roadways.

Moreover, it’s especially effective in preventing damage to infrastructure by flash floods that are increasingly frequent nowadays due to climate change.

Use of NOAQ Boxwall by European Emergency Services 

The European Emergency Services use NOAQ Boxwall as a part of the Urban Flow Flood Control concept to redirect water away from buildings and properties. A channel or a floodway is constructed using Boxwall units for this purpose. It’s very effective.

As flash floods can be very destructive and need quick action from our end to protect our valuables, a quick and easy solution like NOAQ Boxwall is essential. The Boxwall barrier is sturdy enough to withstand the force of flash floods. The fact that it’s lightweight, easily portable, and requires less manpower is another plus. It’s one of the best urban flooding solutions at present and a top alternative to sandbags.

Efficacy of the Urban Flow Concept 

The Urban Flow Concept used by European Emergency Services is not a panacea for all flood situations.

But it works out well here.

Channelling water using the NOAQ Boxwall barrier would not entirely prevent damage caused by flash floods. But, it will limit flooding to a great extent and help you safeguard public and private assets.

Your locality can also benefit from urban flooding solutions like these. NOAQ Boxwalls are available in two heights: 500mm (BW52) and 1000mm (BW102). A lifelong investment that will save you a lot of money in the long run!

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