After Rain, the River Roars. Rock Bags protect Clare Weir against Scour.

dam maintenance at burdekin river

The 886-metre-long Burdekin River in North Queensland brings freshwater and sediment to the Great Barrier Reef. It supplies plenty of water for irrigation. But, with a catchment the size of England, the mighty river roars after rain. Water thunders down the Burdekin Falls, and this is when the dam needs to brace itself with strength. 

The Clare Weir Maintenance 

Dams require constant inspection and maintenance to be in good condition. This ensures dam safety, and helps extend the longevity of this asset. Sunwater monitors and maintains the dams and weirs below the Burdekin Dam regularly. They do an excellent job.

Heavy rainfall can make the weirs susceptible to scouring, weakening the foundation of these barrier walls. The team noticed this issue during inspection. So, a reliable and eco-friendly scour protection mechanism was essential, and rock bags were the answer.

dam maintenance burdekin river

Rock Bags for Toe Protection

Everything was ready for the Clare Weir maintenance project. Here’s how it went. Civil Plus installed 200 rock bags near the toe of Clare Weir in a day using a helicopter. It was a professional job done quickly and efficiently by all parties involved. The portability and flexibility of the Kyowa rock bags played a key role here. The Burdekin River can flow at its will now. 

Innovative Japanese Technology           

Rock bags are a simple yet effective erosion control product. They are used for scouring control and emergency management tasks worldwide today and are great for protecting dam and weir walls and other structures from scouring. Made from 100% recycled materials, these bags of rocks are sustainable and effective. Learn how easy it is to fill and deploy them by watching these rock bags videos.

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