After Rain, the River Roars. Rock Bags protect Clare Weir against Scour.

dam maintenance at burdekin river

The colossal Burdekin River in Northern Queensland spans over 886 kilometres in length. Supplying the Great Barrier Reef with vital sediments and countless communities with natural water, is no doubt important. But, with a catchment the size of England, this river roars after the rain! That is when dams and weirs take brace as they prepare for the influx of heavy sediments, causing scour at the weirs’ base. It is important to check these damages before and after and complete any dam maintenance necessary.


The Clare Weir Maintenance 

Weirs like Clare weir require constant inspections to be kept correctly. These dam maintenance checks are completed by Sunwater, and they’ve been doing a great job. Regular check-ups allow the Sunwater team to react quickly to problems and find the most effective and efficient solution. These issues are often quite expensive fixes and can become serious hazards if left too long. Luckily, they had picked up on some early stages of scouring. They needed an environmentally conscious, time efficient and of course effective solution, so we were happy to help! Our rock bags provided the simple, effective solution they were looking for with over 1.1 million bags deployed worldwide.


dam maintenance burdekin river

Rock Bags for Dam Maintenance

Thanks to their durable design and portability, Civil Plus was able to install 200 rock bags via helicopter in one day! The job was completed efficiently thanks to everyone’s professionalism and coherence. Used at the base, the rock bags now protect the weirs toes and will continue to provide protection, fighting the scour at the Clare weir alongside 24,000 + other deployments worldwide.


Innovative Japanese Technology           

Rock filter bags are a simple yet effective erosion control solution. They are currently used worldwide for scour and erosion protection around dam walls, bridge pylons, beaches and more. Varying in sizes, they are suitable for all terrains as they mould over the base they lay on. Made in Japan from 100% recycled materials, these bags supply an environmentally friendly but also an effective solution for you.


Kyowa Rack Bags made from recycled material

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