Boxwalls Flood Barriers: Bigger Is New-er. Introducing the 1m Boxwall

BW102 Boxwall 1m flood barrier

The original Boxwall was a 500mm mobile high flood protection system.

It has proven itself to be very successful and amazingly easy to use.

Protecting buildings against flood water has been a long-term challenge, with all types of designs and concepts over the years.

It’s even more difficult and expensive when the flood water is deeper than 500mm, which is why the NOAQ Boxwall now has a big brother, the Boxwall BW102.

The BW102 is made to protect your assets against flood waters of up to 1000mm, 100cm or 1 metre.

That’s as deep as most above-ground pools!

At 15.2 kg per unit, it can be carried and deployed by a single person.

Recently the Boxwall 1000mm unit underwent some serious high flow testing, including overtopping. And we must say, the 1m Boxwall passed with flying colours – all red of course!

If your building needs protection from flood waters up to 1,000mm, the new BW102 is here.