Bonnie Vale Beach Campground Under Threat?

rock bags at bonnie vale beach

When does coastal erosion become a hazard? Coastal erosion, as we know it, is a natural process that happens due to coastal dynamics. But, if it occurs at a faster rate, there can be severe, irreplaceable loss of coastlines and beaches. Climate change has aggravated coastal erosion with rising sea levels and loss of vital ecosystems. It erodes beaches and makes areas prone to flooding. Here’s the story of Bonnie Vale Beach, which was on the brink of severe damage. 

If prompt erosion control measures aren’t taken, we risk losing our natural resources.

The Bonnie Vale Campground

Australia and New Zealand beat the world with their vibrant beach camping culture. Camping is in our blood. Many great campsites were established long ago when tent holidays were the norm. We treasure them, and we need them for the holidays! But climate change is nibbling away at our beaches and campgrounds. Some already had to retreat. 

The Bonnie Vale Beach in NSW has eroded over time, and both the campground and access roads were under threat. We cannot prevent the effects of climate change, but there is no need to surrender yet. We had to take quick steps to control beach erosion or retreat the campground from the area. Thankfully, we had the perfect saviour! 

Rock Bags to the Rescue 

The flexible structure of rock bags makes them adaptable to any surface. They were placed along the beach as a barrier, safeguarding the Bonnie Vale campground. As the sand level on beaches varies throughout the year, you will find them covered in sand or exposed at different times. But they keep guard 24/7, limiting sediment loss from the beach. That’s how beach camping won at Bonnie Vale! 

Rock bags are made from 100% recycled materials and are a sustainable solution for coastal erosion. They are easy to fill and deploy, requiring less time and effort from your end. They’re fast rock filled net gabions that can be deployed with ease. If you need rock bags for a beach restoration project, contact Bluemont today. Call us at +61 2 9091 0360 or email us at

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