Corners, Curves and Classical Classes.

BoxWall BW52 - College

A Sydney college’s classical music centre requires flood protection as part of its build. And what better time to test the deployment plan than during the construction phase. Every school is a busy place, but when you have a high-density location with school students present, the flood system needs to be simple, robust, fast to

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From Gympie to the fish place.

Try fish and chips at the Snack Shack in Tin Can Bay and enjoy it at the water’s edge. Bliss. RoadTek is building the new TMR funded bridge across Coondoo Creek between Gympie and Tin Can Bay and progress is excellent. No old narrow wooden bridge anymore. The Coondoo Creek is a sensitive environment; Kyowa

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NoFloods support Zenviron build wind farm with Cofferdam Success.

TESTIMONIAL Zenviron is a highly experienced, full-service BOP contractor specialising in the design and construction of large scale renewable energy projects in Australia. Zenviron contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the risks and impacts of climate change by providing industry leading solutions to the large scale solar and wind power generation markets. During the

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Seashells, Seashores, Stones and Grass

Kyowa Rock bags, Greenwell Point, NSW

When your seashore has lost its seashells, you need the stones first and grass later. Large quarry rock can be scarce and costly. Smaller riprap rock up to 175mm is easy to get cheaply, easy to transport and now very easy to rapidly deploy to protect the seashells and the seashore. Once deployed, the vegetation

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Architecturally blended permanent passive flood protection installed at critical sites

FloodBreak, the passive automatic flood barrier. No power whatsoever is needed for operation: deploys automatically by incoming flood water. Installed at sensitive and prestigious sites all over the world including at 19 EDF nuclear facilities in France, New York Subway MTA, Singapore LTA, mixed use high rises, embassies, hospitals, etc. Globally over 2,000 FloodBreak flood systems have been installed.

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