My Beach Is Eroding, What Now? Here’s Our Method for Sustainable Erosion Control

australian beach sustainable erosion control

Reality check: the devastating effects of beach erosion can’t be overlooked. Not anymore. But then, a different challenge arises…how to stop losing ground, and at the same time, take care of our precious environment. In other words, is sustainable erosion control possible? Also, what’s the extent of the issue we are facing now?

The Current Scenario in Australia and the Pacific Islands

Slowly ‘your’ favourite sea or inlet beach becomes narrower and then the escarpment starts to crumble during a storm or king tide. 

Beach sand levels vary but the narrowing seems more than it was before. Do we let it go? Retreat? And what about the road so close to the beach? Install a seawall, or will that make it worse? Who is responsible? Who will pay? 

These are questions asked by so many all the time.

The discussions can get heated because we care so much about our strips of sand. And most solutions bring both positives and negatives.

Sustainable Erosion Control with Rock Bags

We cannot provide the ultimate answer, but we can offer a solution, which has been accepted by many as good and affordable. 

A strong engineered net with (local) rocks. They form an excellent buffer and are mostly natural materials like rock. Our rock bags are made from 100% recycled materials (think water bottles) and has a long life. 

If covered by soil, vegetation will soon cover them. Over to you. Watch the simple steps to install rock bags, made from 100% recycled materials.  

To find out more about this sustainable erosion control method, call Justin on 02 9091 0360, or contact Bluemont.

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