Saving the Pilbara Rail Bridge From Scouring

road rail bridge maintenance

Take me to the Pilbara any day! Pilbara’s vast landscapes, bright colours, and incredibly other-worldly scenery are beyond magic. Its remote outback and pristine natural wonders could easily inspire the most epic adventures. The Pilbara Rail Bridge Do you know what else is impressive about Pilbara? Its infrastructure! Take a look at this extended bridge

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Bridge Pier Scour Protection: Alternatives to Riprap and Gabion Retaining Walls

Bridge Pier Scour Protection

Bridges are an integral part of transport infrastructure. They improve transportation and allow us to carry out day-to-day tasks effectively. Without bridges, access to some areas would be pretty much impossible. If bridges are susceptible to damage, it can hinder a lot of activities, impacting us both economically and socially.  This is why bridge maintenance

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