Rock Bags at Collaroy Beach – the other seawall

Rock Bags Collaroy Beach

No, this is not the stretch with the swimming pool slipping into the sea and where a new seawall is under construction. This is the smaller seawall towards the rock pool. Undermining resulted in cracks. Soil Conservation Service placed Kyowa rock bags quickly supporting the seawall until a permanent solution has been designed. Solid and

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Rock Bags used at NZ Port to extend wharf.

Bow thrusters are not a hang-over from Danny and Sandys’ 1970’s disco craze. They are huge props underneath ships that cause no-end of heartbreak for ports. Port or starboard doesn’t matter, but a champagne solution is required to change the Status Quo and rectify revetment and toe scouring and prevent it from happening again, again,

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