Your train has been cancelled due to flooded tracks

team working on site

Not a great message for commuters, but reality in the UK with multiple delays last year because of flooded tracks.
Cowley Bridge was a particular poor spot as it connects the south west to the rest of England.
During the Queensland 2011 floods the Blackwater track was closed, preventing the coal haulage to Gladstone.
Tracks not only get flooded, but often need substantial and costly repairs afterwards.
All reasons to prepare and keep flood water flows as slow as possible.
British Network Rail has therefore trialed a range of demountable flood barriers at High Marnham, Nottinghamshire and the winner is: the NoFloods mobile flood barrier. This water-filled tube technology offers a flexible solution that protects against a range of flood-water heights and can be rapidly deployed for large-scale events. Network Rail has now signed a 3 year supply contract. Luckily the UK fire brigades have many Hytrans high volume pumps to fill the tubes with water quickly.