When You Live Below The Dam

Scary days for the people in Whaley Bridge, UK. The Toddbrook Reservoir dam ruptured; it was feared that the town could be flooded. Over 1,500 residents evacuated.
What to do? Well: 1.Prevent further damage to the dam and 2. Drain the reservoir.
RAF helicopters were called in to drop sandbags, and Hytrans high-volume pumps from fire brigades were called in to start pumping water out of the dam.
Hytrans mobile water supply units to the rescue! This is what they are good at!
The fire brigades quickly mobilized 10 Hytrans HS150 high volume pumps and pumping started fast using their well-known large diameter yellow hose and hydraulically driven submersible pumps.
Pumping 10 x 8,000 litres per minute equals 2 backyard swimming pools. That helps.
The water level in the dam lowered, an enormous relief.
If equipped with Hytrans flood pumps the 10 units could even have pumped 500,000 litres (12 backyard swimming pools) per minute.Fire & Rescue NSW and CFA fire brigades already operate Hytrans equipment in Australia very successfullyand this equipment is used regularly for both fires and flooding/dewatering.
We do not have quite enough Hytrans systems yet to handle a similar incident, but then again: ‘How likely is a dam rupture in Australia?’

At the AFAC Conference in Melbourne 27-30 August the CFA Hytrans Hose Layer will be on display with their operators from Scoresby station.

Information about Hytrans mobile water supply: www.bluemont.com.au

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