Wamberal Beach Erosion Management with THE Rock Bags

Wamberal Beach erosion protection with rock bags

Ocean storm activities can lead to coastal erosion, leaving beaches and the surrounding infrastructure vulnerable. It’s also a threat to public safety as the coastal setting can change dramatically within a short time. While there’s no way to prevent storms, we can still devise beach erosion solutions to protect against further damage. To put things in perspective, have you heard about the Wamberal Beach erosion episode last year?

The Wamberal Beach Erosion Disaster

Wamberal Beach, on Australia’s Central Coast, has been exposed to storms for a long time.

Last year, an East coast low swept across the New South Wales Central Coast, causing immense damage to the Wamberal Beach.

It destroyed many beachfront properties and washed out large areas of the beach onto the sea. It was so severe that Wamberal Beach erosion took the headlines of the news at the time. Even today, you will be able to see the wreckage caused by the severe storm.

A Quick and Effective Solution

At the time, when the shoreline kept eroding at a rapid rate, causing the properties along the strip to teeter over, the NSW government needed immediate action to contain the damage.

They were urgently looking for a time and tested measure that would buy them time to build on long-term solutions. It was difficult to access the beach, and their options were limited. This was when rock bags came to their rescue!

How Did They Do It?

Our Central Coast Council team was very efficient and began to fill the bags quickly. It took just five minutes per bag, but they reduced it even further to three minutes gradually. Then, our crane operators installed them along the affected area, taking only five minutes per bag. You can see a quick video of that here! Throughout the project, it is reported that “2120 tonnes of rock bags armour was placed on the beach as part of the works”- (Manly Hydraulics Lab)

The average rate was 15 rock bags per hour. 

They carried out the entire process as quickly as possible to mitigate Wamberal erosion and protect nature and surrounding buildings.

How to Stop Beach Erosion with Rock Bags?

The use of rock bags is renowned as one of the effective beach erosion solutions worldwide. At present, many shorelines susceptible to storm damages remain protected by rock bags. Rock bags are very flexible to deploy even on the most uneven surfaces, and we deemed it the best solution for Wamberal erosion!

The best thing is, you can fill and prepare them off-site and deploy them at the location using cranes. They help in holding the soil in place and prevent the water from washing away more sand. Even today, rock bags do their job to minimize Wamberal Beach erosion.

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