Rock Bags at WA Pilbara Maritime Facility Rebuilds Lost Shoreline

Rock bags at WA Pilbara Maritime Facility Rebuilds Lost Shoreline

The shoreline in Beadon Creek maritime facility in Onslow, WA, was severely eroded due to a heavy storm. Here’s how rock bags proved useful for shoreline erosion protection in this situation.

Beadon Creek Maritime Facility Upgrade

In the WA Pilbara region, the Beadon Creek Maritime Facility has been upgraded to enhance Onslow’s ability to service the offshore oil and gas industry off the Pilbara coast.

The Onslow Marine Supply Base’s extension of the access channel to the Beadon Creek Maritime Facility has increased the capacity to berth offshore marine supply and service vessels — which upgraded the breakwater to enhance navigability, reducing the requirement for future maintenance.

As you can imagine, this was an integral marine structure for the smooth operation of naval activities.

Shore Erosion Following the Storm

Unfortunately, a storm hit the area and eroded a part of the shoreline by causing waves to wash away the sediment particles. This required immediate attention as further scouring can be costly to repair. If left alone, scouring could’ve circumvented the sheet-pile retaining wall and weakened the structure of the sheet-piled wharf adjacent to the eroded shoreline.

To top it all up, the cyclone season was coming up, and more storms and unfavourable wave action would have worsened the damage further. So, reliable and effective shoreline erosion protection was crucial to managing the situation!

Rock Bags for Shoreline Erosion Protection

A team from the TAMS group undertook the project and deployed rock bags at the site. They did a great job for the client. The superintendent even commented saying “The project has been completed successfully, and we didn’t even get a tear in one rock bag. Great product!

Rock bags are popular erosion control products that are cost-effective and long-lasting. What’s more, you can use them to mitigate scour in several places. Filling small rocks into the large netted back is a quick job when using an excavator, and deployment is equally fast too!

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