Vive La France, Vive NoFloods.

When the water levels in La Seine rose fast the French inhabitants of Troyes were quite skeptical about this 500 meter long white big double sausage filled with water. After all, it was not even French! But soon they learned it
actually worked a treat and prevented enormous flood damage to their homes. The French highly professional Sécurité Civile had been testing the NoFloods barrier extensively before procuring a few kilometers.
The village of Pontivy had a similar happy surprise when 200 meter of NoFloods Twin Tube 125cm mobile dam was deployed in the Rue de la Fontaine; the water level in the Blavet River increased but serious damage was
prevented by the NoFloods barrier. Unexpectedly water did seep through manholes of the underground storm system, but this was quickly dealt with. Lesson learnt.
Hence no surprise that the Sécurité Civile has just signed a new 4 year contract with NoFloods. Even though not French, this (Danish) flood barrier is quick and easy to deploy. Especially good for distances over 200 meters.