Trend towards mobile fire extinguishing systems for tank farms

Tank farms rely on fixed fire extinguishing systems for fire protection. Explosions can damage the fixed fire water system between the onsite water tank and a burning tank.
Fire brigades typically do not have the appropriate equipment to deal with tank farm fires and also cool surrounding tanks.
One of the world’s largest independent tank farm operators has adopted the Hytrans all-in-one solution in case the fixed fire water system cannot be used anymore:
A trailer mounted mobile booster pump and monitor taking water from a water tank or hydrant using 6″/150mm flexible hose to reach the
tank farm.
The mobile pump then boosts up to 4,000 litres of water per minute to 10 bar/145 PSI in order to enable the required water throw for cooling
(water)or extinguishing (water and foam).
This system is supplied by Hytrans, who recently also supplied the largest mobile fire water system in the southern hemisphere to a refinery / tank farm in Australia.