Using Water Erosion Prevention and Control Bags at Snake Creek

rock bags used to control water and scour erosion in waterways

If you live close to a creek or stream, you would know that heavy rain is enough to flood the area. You would even be dreading it every time it rains in your area. We totally understand the gravity of the situation. Although creeks may usually have a low water level, unexpected heavy rain can make them overflow quickly. It can lead to scour erosion and many other problems. This is when water erosion prevention will become your ally!

Water Erosion in Snake Creek 

The area around Snake Creek faced a similar situation. When the water flow increased in the creek due to rain, people had to face many issues.

The fences got washed away, crops got destroyed, livestock became lost, roads got damaged, and road crossings became washed out due to floods. The problems were only mounting, and the expense to repair damages of water erosion was very high.

A prompt remedy was crucial!

How Rock Bags Came to the Rescue

The Council worked up an innovative and effective solution. They used precast concrete box culverts together with rock bags as water erosion prevention tools. After placing the concrete boxes on the creeks, the rock bags were placed on either side of the creek. Problem solved. Undeniably, this was an effective and efficient approach to solve this issue!

The benefit of using erosion control bags is that it doesn’t affect soil fertility or vegetation in the land. You can also use rock bags together with geotextiles for added efficacy.

If you need a water erosion prevention solution for your area, we recommend using Rock Bags. You can get them from Bluemont!

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