Creek Erosion Control Using Rock Bags

pylon protection using rock bags to prevent scour during flash floods

Some people would laugh at you when you talk about creek erosion control for dry waterways. Well, the joke’s on them because you are right about it!

Although some waterways can be dry for ages, a flash flood is enough to get them running in a very short time! And what comes along? Scour. Erosion. Danger. So, you should never ignore areas prone to both drought and flood.

Soil Erosion Can Cost You More Than You Think

Take a look at the bridge below. The area under the bridge is actually a waterway but can you really believe it? It looks so dry and seems like it hasn’t seen water all its life! But, don’t be fooled. It is these areas that can cause a disaster during heavy rain conditions.

The bridge embankments, revetments, pylons, and piers here will be susceptible to scour. The worst part is that the water pressure and irregular velocity of the flood can cause multiple issues like creek erosion and pylon scour at the same time.

It can double the impact, costing people more when it comes to creek erosion repair. Needless to say that the bridge will also fail with time – if no actions are taken promptly.

Creek Erosion: How to Prevent and Repair It?

At Bluemont, we want to help people mitigate disasters as early as possible and we have a very effective and simple solution for creek erosion control: rock bags!

If there are old bridges that need scour protection or drought-affected waterways that need creek erosion control, use rock bags. It only requires small rocks, rock bags, a filling frame, and an excavator.

Deploying rock bags around piers and along the creek bank is a quick task. They also don’t disrupt natural vegetation and have a long lifespan of up to 50 years. They are one of the oldest soil erosion prevention methods that never fail to work.

Think of all the money you save when compared to other costly creek erosion repair tasks!

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