Testing Rock Filter Units for Erosion and Sediment Control

kyowa filter units used for scale modelling tests for erosion and sediment control

Today, rock bags are a leading solution for scour protection and erosion and sediment control, used in many sites such as wharves, ship berths, railways, bridges, riverbanks, etc.

Companies and local governments rely on them so much because they are tested and certified as ideal soil erosion prevention methods. In fact, our rock bags have undergone various tests worldwide, proving their efficacy and durability, again and again!

They are affordable, environmentally friendly, and have a long lifespan.

The Need to Continue Testing

Just because a lot of tests were done in the past doesn’t mean we stop there. Continuous tests not only reinforce their functionality. They also help in discovering new uses for this amazing product, and we are proud to say that there are excellent testing facilities in New Zealand and Australia.

When it comes to new, large-scale projects, we don’t want to do guesswork. This is why we take the time and effort to test erosion-control bags whenever required. Bluemont is always happy to assist its clients with their projects and ensure they complete them successfully.

Rock Bags for Wharf Upgrade Project

One of our clients and their consultants were working on a wharf upgrade project. But first, they wanted to ensure its ability to withstand high velocities caused by large bow thruster forces using a scale modelling test.

After all, erosion and sediment control is a crucial aspect for wharves and ship berths.

The test carried out at the UNSW Water Research Laboratory using rock bag prototypes showed that their design was a huge success. It showed a better outcome than what they predicted initially. Needless to say, the project went ahead successfully.

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