A Hytrans squeeze ramp keeps roads accessible for traffic by bridging flexible or lay flat water hoses up to 150mm (or 6″). The squeeze ramp is easy to deploy and provides a strong and effective bridge that is durable and all-weather resistant.
When the hose is pressurized, it remains pressed in the oval shape in the aluminium middle section. This section allows pressures of up to 20 bar in the hoses. As the hose is squeezed into an oval shape, the height of the squeeze ramp is a 100 mm only. The squeeze ramp consists of 3 middle squeeze sections and 4 ramp segments. By use of 3 middle squeeze sections it is possible for every vehicle to pass the squeeze ramp, even when the vehicle has a long wheelbase and/or has less height.
The squeeze ramps can be used by Fire Brigades, Emergency Services, Defence Forces and Water Utilities as well as industries that
deploy lay flat or flexible hoses up to 150 mm.
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