Tackling Shoreline Erosion with Riprap Rock at Greenwell Point

shoreline erosion prevention using riprap rock at Greenwell Point, NSW

If the seashore in your area is prone to erosion, it’s time that you take steps to prevent further damage and look into shoreline erosion control methods using riprap rock bags.

Seashells are an integral resource that protects a seashore from being susceptible to erosion. But, what if the sea has eroded them, turning seashells into sand? Or collecting one-too-many has increased erosion, as studies show?

Human activities like collecting seashells that may seem minor and unharmful can actually lead to shoreline erosion over time. The same goes for minor changes in the acidity levels of our seas, which can, in turn, dissolve seashells.

What Are Some Shoreline Erosion Control Methods?

Using large quarry rocks is one way to protect the shoreline. But the problem is they are costly and hard to find! You would have to spend a lot of money to line the shoreline with quarry rocks adequately.

Retaining walls are another option, but they are very damaging to the ecosystem, especially when built close to the shoreline. They are expensive to build too.

But don’t worry! There is another innovative shoreline stabilization technique!

Deploying large bags filled with riprap rock like we did at Greenwell Point, NSW, is not only hassle-free and convenient. It is also a very affordable method recognized globally for its efficacy.

What is Riprap Rock?

Riprap refers to smaller rocky materials used for erosion prevention in many sites. They can be small chunks of concrete, granite rocks, stones, or other similar rubble.

Small riprap rocks up to 175mm in size are available cheaply.

They are also easy to transport and deploy, requiring fewer people to work on the job! Our team also used the bags to prevent scour by the boat ramp.

You can place riprap stones along the shoreline, but they get washed away with time. So, the best way to do it is by filling them into large rock bags.

What’s Great About Rock Bags?

Using  rock bags is recognized as one of the best shoreline erosion control methods for a good reason! The process is simple. Once you fill the bag with riprap, the next step is to deploy them along the shoreline with a small or medium excavator.

They are a sustainable shoreline erosion prevention method that promotes natural vegetation. Rock bags provide a hospitable setting for plant growth, supporting the ecosystem. Soon, you will note how vegetation takes over rock bags’ job of protecting the shoreline!

Want to rescue your eroding seashore with rock bags? Get in touch with Bluemont today! You can also contact us on +61 2 9091 0360.

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