Sea Water Provides The Answer, Hytrans Provides The Pump.

Simple things just work, for weeks on end.

During the past fire season, the huge 75,000 tonnes wood chip pile at the Eden Mill caught fire.
The fire took hold quickly in the perfect conditions for this nightmare.
Huge mounds of loose aerated wood chip fuel means the fire burns hot, burns deep and quickly.

The smoke was an issue also for working on the other local fires in a very tough fire season.

The only way to combat such a challenge is with water, lots and lots of it.
Thankfully, Twofold Bay has enough water and the Hytrans system could easily access it from the loading wharf.

Pump floats so tides not a problem. Sea water no issue.
The FRNSW Hytrans unit can continuously supply 3000 litres of water over 1200 metres with a head of 6 metres

Airport 1 from Sydney Airport was called in to help throw the large volume of water required onto the chips.

It took about 9 days, and in the end 75,000 tonnes of wood chip was extinguished.