The Remote Bridge Where Crocs Roam – Scour and Rock Bags

Rock Bags Gilbert River Bridge

Here’s another story of how Bluemont rock bags aided in scour protection.

The Gilbert River bridge on the Burke Development Road in Far North Queensland (FNQ) is in a beautiful and remote area. But, it faced the risk of scour caused by strong currents. The sediment around bridge piles gets washed away with fast-flowing water, especially during heavy rain. One of the best scour protection systems was essential to protect the bridge!

Deployment of Rock Bags

Placing rock bags was the preferred solution because they are eco-friendly, durable, and flexible in structure. First, we brought the filling frame, netted rock bags, and 50mm-175mm sized rocks to the site for preparation. Then, it was a matter of filling the rock bags, securing the opening with a tight knot, and installing them around bridge piles using a single-lift excavator/crane.

Anticipating Danger

The river is also famous for being home to crocs. Safety was key when deploying the bags around the bridge piles, and you have to keep an eye for these scaly creatures when working there. But, just like hardy locals, the highly experienced team didn’t seem to be overly bothered about the danger. Thankfully, none of the crocs came to pay a visit. They must have understood there was a serious job going on!

A Job Well Done

The team at work did a fabulous job, saving a lot of money on scour protection. Using rock bags for scour protection is a quick and efficient process. We only need limited equipment, manpower, and time! But is the outcome equally great? Hell, yes! Rock bags are excellent at mitigating erosion and don’t pose any threat to the environment. It is a simple mechanism that can offer protection for up to 50 years.

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