Kholo Creek Bridge, Not That Easy to Get to…Rock Bags Save Bridge Pylons

Kholo Bridge scour rock bags

The Kholo Creek under Mt. Crosby Road flows into the tidal Brisbane River. It’s muddy, steep, and slippery, in case you take a walk under the Kholo Creek bridge! During low tides, there were signs of erosion around the bridge piles – more of red flags, so to speak. High tides and rainy conditions increase the water flow and pressure in the creek, washing away the sand around bridge piles. A bridge protection solution was vital here.

RoadTek to Work

RoadTek used rock bags to remediate the river erosion situation as they are eco-friendly and sustainable. It was a simple and speedy task, filling netted bags with large amounts of small rocks, and deploying them onsite using an excavator. Although there was limited working space next to the road, RoadTek did a fabulous job. They filled the rock bags and installed them on both sides under the bridge and around bridge piles.

Rock Bags

Rock bags are a world-famous solution for river erosion due to their versatility and durability, boasting a 50-year lifespan. You can use them to tackle scour in bridges, railways, roadways, coastal areas, offshore, and subsea. From mitigating scour in Gilbert River Bridge to Russell River Bridge, they have become the go-to choice for bridge protection in Australia.

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