Rock Bags: Home for Seaweed and the Fishes

Rock bags at Swansea

Tidal activities are a natural phenomenon that causes ocean water levels to rise and fall. Low tides are favourable for us to engage in marine activities, but high tides can cause damage to our properties. So, we need effective marine environment protection measures to safeguard coastal areas from high tides.

We can’t control how nature works, but we can work with it in unison to protect all of us. Nature is amazing and responds really well when we help it!

The Need for Seawall Stability

We build seawalls to protect our coastal infrastructure from wave action and coastal erosion. It creates a barrier between the sea and land, preventing flooding and washing away of sand. But, fast-flowing tides can make the seawall unstable over time. We have to reinforce its stability with supporting structures. Deploying rock bags at the base of the seawall is the best solution here!

How Rock Bags Contribute to Marine Environment Protection

But, its contribution to marine environment protection goes beyond stabilising the seawall. Rock bags are just a bag full of rocks and don’t contain any harmful elements for marine biodiversity. So, they are friendly to our friends underwater.

Here’s how rock bags protect the seawall at the jetty in NSW Central Coast. It has now become a home for flora and different fish species. They are keeping our underwater locals thriving and happy. Even a few stars are spotted enjoying their time there!

Why Rock Bags Are the Best Choice

Well, how do we know rock bags are one the best methods of marine environment protection? Testing, testing, and testing again! Over 1,100,000 rock bags have been used so far. They prove to be an immense success in protecting and stabilising marine infrastructure. Even the netting of the bag is made out of 100% recyclable material.

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