Rock Bags at Collaroy Beach – The Other Seawall

Rock Bags Collaroy Beach

Nope, this is not the stretch with the swimming pool slipping into the sea. What you see here is a smaller seawall built towards the rock pool to control Collaroy Beach erosion. Undermining by wave scour has resulted in cracks in the seawall – not a good sign! If ignored, it could lead to more damage and even the failure of the Collaroy Beach wall.

Damage to Collaroy Beach Wall

As you might know already, seawalls are crucial structures that shield coastal infrastructure from wave action and erosion. It protects the shoreline from being washed away during high tidal activities and storms. So, a quick fix was necessary before it was too late. The cost to repair damaged and destroyed properties from Collaroy Beach erosion is much higher than formulating a temporary yet reliable solution.

Rock Bags to the Rescue

The Soil Conservation Service of NSW Government placed rock filter bags along the Collaroy Beach wall to support the structure until they design a permanent solution. Watch this video to learn how the team filled and deployed rock at the site. We needed tons of rock bags for this purpose, but it was a huge success!

The Perfect Solution

Rock bags are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. They are a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution used to tackle water erosion worldwide. Made from 100% recyclable material, they adapt perfectly to the surroundings. Over time, they would be hardly visible when covered with sand. They are undeniably the best product for beach erosion control.

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