How Does it Work?

Kyowa Rock Filter Bags are protection units suitable for installation on river banks where stabilisation or protection is required. They can be successfully installed on uneven, sloping surfaces and integrate perfectly in challenging topographic watercourse environments.

Kyowa Rock Filter Bags can be used for temporary measures where a collapse has occurred or is imminent, or for longer term civil engineering projects. There have been over 17,000 civil applications with Rock Filter Bags in its home country of Japan with no failures.


  • Fast Installation
  • Single point lifting system
  • Significantly reduces vessel time
  • No riverbed preparation required
  • Develops marine life
  • 100% Environmentally friendly
  • Accumulates sediments
  • Flexible & durable
  • Rapid preparation
  • Lifetime minimum 50 yrs in saline water
  • Lifetime minimum 30 yrs against UV rays
  • Made from 61% recycled plastic bottles
  • (Also known as rock bags)