Kyowa Rock Filter Bags

Kyowa’s Rock Filter Bag is a product which protects rivers, seashores, bridges and mono piles from scour damage. The Rock Filter Bag is made of mesh net and rocks, it prevents flood and bridge scouring without destroying the environment. Rock Filter Bags support the environment
Recently, Rock Filter Bags have been applied to the protection of marine cable and pipeline in environment-friendly way. The Rock Filter Bag was used for the first time in 1987 to protect the foundations for the great bridge at Akashi, the World’s longest span with a total length of 3,911 metres. For more than 20 years the Rock Filter Bag has been widely used in civil engineering for rivers and coastal works.Over 17,000 reference sites in Japan with over 700,000 Rock Filter Bags installed.
Main Advantages:
Adapts perfectly to all soils for highly efficient coverage and absorption of energy.
Supports natural vegetation and encourages the development fauna and flora.
Due to the speed of deployment and reduction in labour costs as the products are highly flexible.