Millions of cubic meters of sand are moved each year to maintain coastlines around the world. In the Netherlands alone, coastlines are yearly maintained with 12 million cubic meters of sand, a large expense that increases annually. Next to the maintenance of beaches, countries and businesses are increasingly looking for ways to expand their beaches, both for leisure and for safety purpose. An innovative solution has been developed which stimulates natural growth of sand on the beach: Ecobeach.

Ecobeach is a sustainable passive drainage system that triggers nature to deposit more sand from the foreshore onto the beach. The system consists of long drainage tubes which are installed just below the beach surface. It does not require energy after installation and therefore produces no CO2 emissions.

Ecobeach allows for an increase in the natural transport of sand from the foreshore to the beach and the dunes. The drainage tubes are placed in rows along the beach. After installation the beach dries faster when it is ebbing, and the eroding effect of waves is reduced. Therefore the natural onshore sediment transport is enhanced leading to more sand on the beach.

During a 4 year trial at Egmond in the Netherlands, 150,000 m3 of sand was deposited in the southern test area, whereas surrounding areas did not show significant deposits. This led to a substantially higher, wider and dryer beach. Also sand accumulated at the dune foot, increasing safety against dune erosion.

EcoBeach Baech Stabilisation

The Ecobeach system causes a transport of sand from the foreshore to higher parts of the beach and prevents the sand from being removed from the beach. The application of Ecobeach in combination with a foreshore nourishment results in a more effective nourishment with a longer lifetime of the nourishment. The combination of Ecobeach and a relatively cheap foreshore nourishment results in an accretion of the beach.

The sand that is deposited on the beach due to Ecobeach can be moved by the wind to the base of the dune. This results in an increase of potential recreational area’s and a strengthening of the dunes and the coast as a whole.


Ecobeach system is the intellectual property of BAM Infra.