Power To The Small Rocks!

Rock bags are now a preferred option for erosion control and stability in ports, for wharves, boat ramps and temporary jetties.
In our region, ports are preparing for larger vessels, including today’s massive cruise ships.
As the vessels are becoming larger their props and bow thrusters are also increasing in size and our infrastructure is not always ready to handle the resulting high water velocities.
Hence we are currently seeing much upgrading of port infrastructure. Recent and ongoing physical scale modelling of rock bags at the WRL (UNSW) is part of the analysis.

– Cost: rock bags and small rocks (75mm-175mm) are cheaper than large rocks
– Stability: resistance to water velocities.
– Erosion control: undermining, toe protection, slopes
– Flexibility: relevant in earthquake prone areas
– Upgrade and repair: combine with existing structures
– Sustainability: recycled polyester, which has a long life

For information, photos and videos on rock bags:

Rock Bags

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