NoFloods support Zenviron build wind farm with Cofferdam Success.

Zenviron is a highly experienced, full-service BOP contractor specialising in the design and
construction of large scale renewable energy projects in Australia.
Zenviron contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the risks and impacts of climate
change by providing industry leading solutions to the large scale solar and wind power
generation markets.
During the construction of a Wind Farm, Zenviron made the decision to deploy the NoFloods
Barriers by Environment Solutions. The barriers created a dry work area within an existing lake
and wetlands area to allow for trenching and installation of a High Voltage (HV) buried cable.
About 110 meters of the barriers were quickly and easily deployed across the lake in one
straight line. The Barrier was filled with water within a few hours of deployment after which water
was pumped from the “dry” to the “wet” area creating a dry work area for the trenching works.
The entire works from deployment, filling, trenching and reinstatement was completed in under
five days.
The deployment of the barrier was easier and more effective than expected. Zenviron has been
very satisfied with the NoFloods barrier and the service provided by Environmental Solutions
Keith Anderson

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