NOFLOODS mobile flood barrier saves Gas Plant from flooding

The recent flooding in Europe has been quite severe, however this has produced another interesting use for mobile flood barriers to share with you.
Hungarian gas company KEG Gas, 80 km north of Budapest, has a major underground gas reservoir and its operations were threatened by the flood water from the Danube River. Local authorities in Dunaalmas summoned
the NOFLOODS mobile water filled flood barrier to save the gas plant.
The Twin Tube 125 has a recommended maximum flood water height of 800mm. The water rose to 910mm but the flood barrier held back the rising flood water. Deploying the NOFLOODS barrier was quick, not labour intensive and the barrier remained deployed from June 6 to June 12. The total length was 400 metres. Flood water was used to fill the tubes with water. As the two tubes are tied together they do not roll.
The NOFLOODS barriers are also used as a temporary water tank (water stored internally) during water storage facility repairs or cleaning (eg, water tank or swimming pool), or to create temporary circular dam or reservoirs. A
promising product from Denmark which typically focuses on lengths of 200m plus.