Wave Swell Energy is Swell! Rock Bags for Scour Protection at King Island’s Wave Zone

King Island rock bags

You might already know how rock bags come in handy to control the scouring of sand near lakes, rivers, creeks, bridges, and railways. But hey! Here’s how rock bags helped tackle wave scour in Australia. Specifically at King Island’s Wave Zone.

Wave Swell Energy Unit

Another Aussie success story, just like Google Maps, Wi-Fi, Hills Hoist, and wine casks during the lockdown. Wave Swell Energy is a company that owns an innovative technology that turns wave power into electricity — a sustainable means of generating electricity.

The power unit is placed on the seabed, and as the wave rises and falls inside, it forces the air to pass by a turbine at the top of the chamber. The turbine then generates electricity using wave energy.

The Threat of Wave Erosion

Shorelines and beaches don’t always play by our rules, and then, even the waves decide to go ahead and scour the area under the Wave Swell 200kW Unit.

That’s not really fun, is it?

Quick action was necessary to fix the issue before it was too late. King Island has green electricity generated from wave power, which supports Hydro Tasmania’s existing hybrid grid. It was important to ensure that the Wave Swell 200kW Unit didn’t fall prey to wave erosion.

Rock Bags to the Rescue

Rock bags were quickly deployed and placed around the unit, strengthening the position of the power generating unit on the seabed in Grassy, King Island. It was a success! The rocks prevent waves from washing away the sand. The unit is now safe from wave scour and operates 24/7, generating power.

The rock bags played their part in helping Wave Swell continue operations smoothly and supply electricity! Saving the day, once again.

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