The BoxWall flood barrier  has been specially designed for hard, even surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.

It is engineered to replace sandbags, the result is that the BoxWall flood barrier is faster to deploy than sandbags.

At 3.4kg per 500mm high flood barrier unit, each BoxWall mobile flood barrier unit is approximately equal to 5 sandbags in a single stack.

Therefore the BoxWall flood barrier is ideal for setting up on streets and paths, across car parks, in industrial areas, around shopping malls, in harbours and at airports.


Length adjustments: Gable elements can also be used to adjust the length of a boxwall. If the boxwall needs to have an exact length, like between the two opposite walls of an entrance, the length of the boxwall can be adjusted by putting a gable element in each end and let the boxwall overlap those to a smaller or larger extent.

Kerb stones: Kerb stones or minor steps can be passed using gable sections.

Corners: Inward and Outward corners can be easily created by using the BoxWall corner units that simply click together to form part of the flood barrier wall.

Flash flooding:The BoxWall can also be used in flash flooding, when water is running fast over the streets.


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