NOFLOODS MOBILE Flood Barriers (tubes)

NoFloods Flood Barriers for Commercial and Industrial sites.

Mobile Flood Barrier (tubes) by NoFloods

NoFloods Mobile Flood Barrier is an effective solution for temporary flood protection. NoFloods is a water filled tube portable flood barrier that can be deployed very rapidly as the Twin Tube elements are light weight before deployment.The NoFloods portable flood barrier is a great alternative to sandbagging.

The NoFloods mobile flood barrier can create an impermeable barrier over a long distance.The simple and effective technology makes it possible to deploy 1,000m in less than 4 hours by 4 people and a small truck.

NoFloods Mobile Barriers offer:

  • long distance protection against floods
  • river, levee or oil spill protection
  • serve as a temporary containment reservoir for waste water
  • a solution for multiple other applications


There are two kinds of applications: as a preventative or as a curative solution.

As a preventative solution, NoFloods can be used to protect vital infrastructure and essential utilities such as power stations, water towers, hospitals against river and coastal floods in a short period of time.

If the flooding has occurred, NoFloods can be deployed directly into the water. The pressure from the mobile barrier brings the tubes to settle on the ground, sealing the infrastructure from the flood outside the mobile barrier. After deployment you empty the excess water by pumping it out.


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NOFLOODS MOBILE Flood Barriers (tubes)