The IFEX® Impulse firefighting nozzle is the core of the Impulse firefighting technology. The fire-extinguisher of rustproof steel is made up of the rear pressure chamber, a quick fastener valve, a front chamber for water or extinguishing agent and a handle grip with release mechanism. If the valve is opened, the compressed air pushes the extinguishing agent at high speed from the water chamber in milliseconds. The extinguishing agent is accelerated to more than 400 km/h and penetrates with high energy directly into the source of the fire.

The IFEX Impulse Nozzle uses pressurised air to release water from the nozzle at high speed.
This creates a water mist which is the key that provides the flexible capability to quickly and efficiently knock down fires using very little water.

The IFEX Impulse nozzle is designed as a highly versatile tool for fire brigades and rescue teams everywhere in the world. With only small amounts of water, these smart fire fighting tools have the capacity of extinguishing even large fires. The high shot velocity of more than 400 km/h and the large cooling surface provide high fire stopping power from a distance. With foam additive, liquid oil fires can be fought. Using only fresh water, fires in live high voltage electrical equipment can be extinguished.

As a man-based system for the firefighter’s self-sufficient operation, the IFEX impulse nozzle is used in combination with backpacks or trolleys as independent supply units: the perfect team for fast attack and quick fire knockdown.