Large Diameter Hose


To supply water over long distances, large diameter hoses must be used in order to limit friction loss. A serious problem in the past has been the extremely labour intensive job to man-handle heavy hose and the slow unloading from trucks. That limited the practical use of large diameter hose. The HYTRANS hose handling system means that both the rapid deployment of large diameter hose and the efficient and quick recovery of large diameter hose is now possible.
Many years of testing large diameter hoses have resulted in a hose specification especially suited for the HYTRANS system.

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Characteristics such as:

  • Lowest possible elongation (stretching): to prevent snaking when the hose is pressurised.
  • Flexibility to facilitate short bend radius: very important in municipal or industrial areas where working spaces are often at a minimum.
  • The burst pressures of the HYTRANS hose is a very safe rate and well above the required service pressures.
  • Hose and couplings are developed to be sturdy to allow the hose to be deployed at high speed (up to 40 km/h).
Hose Ramp with 8 lines of 150mm / 6
300mm / 12

HYTRANS Rubber Hose is available in following sizes and specifications:

HYTRANS hose characteristics table