Temporary Work Platform Construction at Coondoo Creek – Using Rock Bags!

temporary work platforms construction at Coondoo Creek Bridge

We, at Bluemont, are big fans of rock bags because they are such a versatile solution. They can be applied for various issues like coastal erosion management, bridge pylon protection, seabed levelling, and subsea pipe protection. But did you know that rock bags are also ideal in case you need a temporary work platform construction?

The Bridge from Gympie to Tin Can Bay

The bridge that runs over the Coondoo Creek, joining Gympie and Tin Can Bay, used to be a narrow wooden one. Then, RoadTek undertook the construction of a brand new Coondoo Creek bridge funded by TMR. Everyone was pleased about the much-anticipated renovation!

However, the constructors needed a temporary working platform. As they had to work around Coondoo Creek, they were after environmentally friendly construction methods.

As new rock bags were economical, sustainable, flexible, and long-lasting, they were the ideal choice. The good news is they can be used as temporary or permanent solutions as they allow for the growth of natural vegetation. They also act as habitats for small fish!

Rock Bags for Temporary Work Platform Construction

All you need to do is place rock bags along a path. If you need a higher working platform, pile them on top of one another. Depending on the size of the platform required, you can use as many new rock bags as needed.

As they are very sturdy and adapt to all surfaces, people can walk on them without fearing for their safety. When constructing the bridge, the team placed them along the creek so workers could easily move around.

RoadTek managed to complete the new Coondoo Creek bridge successfully, and it was a major hit among locals!

What Are Rock Filter Bags?

If you didn’t know already, they are basically… bags of rock. Yes, that’s right! You can easily place these large rock bags on any site, even on uneven surfaces. Preparation and deployment of these rock bags are easy and less time-consuming. All you have to do is fill those mesh-like bags with rocks and install them on the site using cranes! They are one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly construction methods available today.

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