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About Bluemont

A wholly owned and operated Australian company.

Established in 2004, Bluemont is a leading supplier and distributor of environmental crisis-mitigation solutions provided by pioneering global brands.

We are a wholly Australian-owned company, offering protective systems to combat fire, floods, and erosion.

All our equipment and systems for disaster prevention and ecological conservation are renowned worldwide for their superior quality, unmatched efficacy, and guaranteed durability.

Bluemont, previously operating as Fire Fighting Technologies Private Limited, has expanded in capacity and services over time due to the high demand for our solutions.

A proven track record of success and a high customer satisfaction rate endorse our exceptional service. 

At present, our clientele spans across different industries and sectors in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. We primarily cater to government agencies, ports, construction companies, fire brigades, industrial and manufacturing companies, petrochemical companies, and mining companies.

We have certifications from all our respective manufacturers, validating our credibility as an authorized supplier.

Our Team

Our team members have also undergone all required training programs conducted by each of our providers to learn and specialize in handling all equipment successfully. 

Therefore, we are equipped with the necessary expertise, skills, and knowledge to assist our clients in utilizing our industry-grade emergency solutions. 

In addition, we provide all the essential brochures, instruction manuals, and videos explaining how to operate each piece of equipment. 

Our Projects

Bluemont undertakes both small and large-scale projects and has extensively engaged with major stakeholders in the public and private sectors. You can browse our latest contracts under the “Project” section on our website. 

We work alongside local contractors to better understand demands and prevailing obstacles, providing clients with a seamless and exceptional service. At Bluemont Australia, we prefer to hire local contractors as it supports employment opportunities in the field as well.

Our Fire, Flood, And Erosion Solutions

Bluemont’s disaster management and mitigation solutions come under the categories of Fire, Flood, and Erosion.

We are equipped with the globally recognized Hytrans Fire System to tackle fire-related hazards promptly and safely. We also offer solutions to prevent and manage damages that can arise out of heavy floods, such as mobile flood barrier tubes, mobile high-volume pumps, mobile fold-out fences, and automatic flood-gate systems. Furthermore, we provide Rock Bags to tackle erosion and wharf extension. 

Our years of experience have helped us emerge as one of the most trusted and best suppliers of disaster management products. 

Work With Us

If you select Bluemont as your service provider, rest assured that your needs are in good hands. You can rely on us to provide the most suitable solutions to fit your unique requirements and context. 

Should you have further questions about our service or require our assistance to resolve an issue, get in touch now!