Hytrans mobile high volume pumps used to create a controlled landslide to protect railway line.

Large pumps from Hytrans used for cliff restoration after UK floods The UK has over 50 high volume water pumps from the Netherlands manufacturer Hytrans. During the disastrous 2014 Spring floods in the South West of England the Somerset and Devon fire services deployed several pumps to restore the damaged coastline. The cliffs above a stretch of coastal railway track at Dawlish were deemed unstable and before the train track could be re-opened they needed to be stabilized. The unstable material had to be removed in a controlled landslide. The Hytrans Hydrosub 150 pumps were ideal for the job – with their 10 bar pumping action they were able to send forceful jets of water high enough to … [Read more...]

Hytrans & CFA hose layer: A great system helps a great crew lay & recovery hose during the Hazelwood fire.

Hytrans mechanised hose layer and recovery system deployed for fire extinguishing and de-watering at Hazelwood open-cut coal mine fire February 2014 The new acquisition made by Scoresby Country Fire Authority in January 2014 had hardly been unpacked before it was in the field in supplying vast amounts of water to put out the Hazelwood open-cut mine fire, and to aid in dewatering at the site. Scoresby Fire Station mounted their new Hytrans hose layer container and hose layer recovery unit on a new Mercedes truck. It was used to lay and recover hose quickly for 4 weeks continuously at the burning mine site. Tough operating conditions for fire control in heat, wind, poor air quality and … [Read more...]

AquaFence: portable flood barrier protects skyscrapers in Lower Manhattan, New York.

30 large properties in Lower Manhattan have now been protected with AquaFence flood barriers since Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Water flooded underground car garages, building lobbies and damaged vital switch centres for building operations on the ground floors and basements of many towers in the low- lying area. The costs and inconvenience to owners and tenants caused a re-think in flood protection by the companies owning some of the world’s most valuable real estate and their insurers. Lower floors, basements and sub-ground infrastructure are vulnerable to seeping water at far lower volumes than during Sandy and with higher water level peaks expected from rising tides associated with climate … [Read more...]