Hytrans flood pumps at North Rhine, Germany

Hytrans Fire System is deployed to protect buildings from floodwater from the Alte Issel River, North Rhine- Westphalia, Germany On July 27th 2016 the Hytrans Fire System was used to pump water from land surrounding farms and a nursery downstream into the flooded Alte Issel River. Pumping occurred at the rapid rate of approximately 6,000 liters a minute. Parallel B and F hoses were used to transport the water from the Hytrans pump over a distance of 700 metres. The Hytrans System is positioned on a heavy-duty truck with a hydraulic crane arm from the Environmental Protection and Technical Aid unit of the Düsseldorf Fire Department. It was called up at midnight on 26th July as part of a … [Read more...]

Swiss Army now fully armed with high volume pumps

The rescue forces of the Swiss Army are expanding their equipment with 26 mobile water supply systems from Hytrans. The latest purchase consists of 26 units of the Hydrosub 150 as well as 78 flood pumps and a large amount of 6” hose. The latest delivery follows an initial purchase in the 1990s of 40 units of the Hydrosub 150. The Swiss Army uses the Hydrosub 150 units to pump water over long distances, both to provide firefighting water as well as to remove water in floods. The new pump units have been built according to a newly introduced Swiss army specification that includes, amongst others, a requirement for a relay pumping module. This module enables several Hydrosub … [Read more...]

Bluemont and Newcastle City Council Mobile Flood Barrier Tests

December saw two FMA Members Bluemont Pty Ltd and Newcastle City Council, together with Royal Haskoning DHV (RHDHV) come together to undertake a series of mobile flood barrier tests in a tidal stormwater channel in Newcastle. Flood and water experts, emergency service personnel and Council members attended the live test day. During the day, several barriers were deployed, demonstrating their different strengths and suitability, including the BoxBarrier, BoxWall, NoFloods Twin Tube and Rapidam. Members may remember these barriers from FMA Conference Trade Displays. Justin Bear of Bluemont said the day was the first of its kind in Australia, in that multiple barriers were deployed in one … [Read more...]

CFA Scoresby purchases a new hose laying and hose recovery unit for large diameter hoses

Scoresby CFA Volunteer Fire Brigade has purchased a new piece of kit: a hose layer and recovery unit from the Dutch manufacturer Hytrans mounted onto a new truck. Scoresby is in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, 29 km from the CBD and the unit will have both rural and urban uses. A new feature for the CFA is the automated hose retrieval system, which has not been used anywhere in Australia before. It will speed up retrieval of the hose from the fireground faster than has been possible before allowing volunteers to return home or to the workplace faster. The unit will allow for a heavy 100 mm hose to be laid and retrieved, which would be too heavy for a man to handle. 5,000 litres of … [Read more...]