The Bridge Next to the Rainforest in FNQ: Rock Bags Prevent Scour at Russell River

Rock Bags at Russell River

Bridge erosion is a serious problem, and there’s no second thought about it. Still, it is very much preventable using effective erosion control products. Our rock bags are a simple solution consisting of a netted bag and loads and loads of small rocks.

Easy to fill and deploy, you can improve installation efficiency by using excavators instead of people to get the job done.

Here’s a story of how Bluemont’s rock bags saved a bridge from the risk of erosion!

The Bridge Over the Russell River

When you travel up to Cairns on the Bruce Highway, you will drive over a narrow 2-lane bridge just before Mirriwinni. On to your left are magnificent trees of the FNQ rainforest and on to your right is a railway and sugarcane field. Russell River flows under the bridge. It’s not a long river and is usually gentle, but rain can change the scene dramatically. 

Scouring Around Bridge Piles

Due to frequent rains, the high velocity of water in the Russell River washed away the sand on the riverbed, coming close to affecting the bridge piles too. As you might know already, bridge erosion weakens the bridge’s foundation. 

It can even lead to bridge failure. That could be a tragedy.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) needed a reliable solution to tackle the bridge scour while safeguarding the lush surroundings.

Bridge Erosion Control

TMR chose rock bags to fix the issue, and RoadTek took over the task of filling and deploying them on the banks of Russell River.


Just one excavator did the jobs of preparing the ground, filling the bags, and deploying them using a single-point lift.

The use of rock bags for bridge erosion control can help governments save so much money in the long run. Imagine the cost of repairing bridges if there was no scour protection!

Take a look at this video demonstrating the steps to prepare a rock bag for deployment. Watch how quick it is to fill a rock bag here.

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