NOAQ Boxwalls: Flood Barriers’ Features In the Spotlight

Boxwall BW52 500mm mobile flood barrier

The Boxwall has proven to be an amazingly successful flood barrier time and time again, and all with minimal seepage.

Recent testing at a dam spillway really put the Boxwalls’ features in the spotlight, with the results  proving the Boxwall’s stability under fast flowing water, and also its ability to stand strong with overtopping.

The smart connection design makes them extremely fast and simple to deploy.

The latest BW52 unit has grown in size to 900mm for each unit – so it just got a little faster.

We’ve also added some special moulded gable ends to round out the set.

Recently a two-person team undertook a time challenge to deploy 100 metres of Boxwall barriers. The record was set at just under 23 minutes.

Is that impressive or what!?   What do you think your speed would be?