Boxwalls Flooding Barriers: Introducing the 1m Boxwall

BW102 Boxwall 1m mobile NOAQ flood fighting system

NOAQ has some of the most innovative solutions worldwide to protect our lives and properties from floods. Their mobile flooding barriers are free-standing units your team can attach together to give the barrier the length the situation demands. They are perfect for urban spaces with evenly levelled ground.

The Classic NOAQ Boxwall Flood Barrier: The BW52

The NOAQ Boxwall is a very simple yet very effective flooding barrier designed to be anchored automatically using the weight of the floodwater itself. So, a higher water level means these flood gates are held more firmly in place.

These mobile flood gates are lightweight, making them easy to carry and deploy at the required sites. You only need a handful of people to complete the job within a short time. The best thing about mobile flood barriers is that anyone can build them.

Previously, we only had Boxwall BW52, designed to hold back water levels of ½ meter or less. But now, there’s a new member!

The New NOAQ Boxwall Mobile Barrier: The BW102

The latest Boxwall model, BW102, is designed to withstand floodwater with a depth of up to 1 meter/ 1000mm/ 100cm. We are talking about the depth level of many above-ground pools. One person alone can carry these mobile flood barriers as a single unit only weighs 15.2 kg.

In fact, two people alone can build a 100-meters long flood barrier within an hour!

All you have to do is snap the Boxwalls together. Their design makes them easily stackable, one on top of another, requiring less storage space.

We carried out some serious tests of high water flow to assess its efficacy, including overtopping. To everyone’s delight, these bad boys held up great! The flooding barrier passed with flying colours – all red, of course!

Need a good flood protection mechanism for your office, school, shop, or any other space? Order NOAQ mobile flood barriers from Bluemont today! Contact us via for further information.

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