Australian company Bluemont distributes German Iconos nozzle hoses for cooling, gas, odour and dust control

Bluemont, a leading Australian distributor of mobile solutions for fire and flood has taken exclusive distribution rights to Iconos nozzle hoses. A nozzle hose is a mobile water curtain to be compared with a water wall nozzle but is more flexible and adaptable. The water wall provided by the hose can reach up to 15 metres in height. It has a major extinguishing capacity independent of personnel with up to 25 stainless steel nozzles possible. The product is made in Germany and is supplied in 20 meter lengths, has different nozzle inserts and hose diameters from 25mm to 110 mm. Even with strong side winds the water curtain keeps it shape. The hose is made of chemical resistant material and … [Read more...]

Hytrans Hoselayer utilised for large diameter hose deployment in fighting waste dump fire in Somerton, Victoria

The CFA used the Hytrans Hoselayer from CFA Scoresby Fire Station at Somerton, Victoria to deploy 3 lays of large 100 mm diameter hoses to fight a waste pile fire. At 2.30am on November 20th 2015 the waste pile was struck by lightning and caught fire. The towering mound of wood and other possibly noxious materials threatened to burn for multiple days and cause significant air pollution for nearby communities. It was estimated to be 20 metres high by 80 metres wide and had been operated illegally with the EPA and the City of Hume Council pursuing the owners through the courts in preceding months. Large amounts of water were needed to extinguish the fire, and the hoselayer quickly deployed a … [Read more...]

The State of North Rhine-Westphalia stations Hytrans Fire System in Emmerich

The State of North Rhine-Westphalia stations Hytrans Fire System in Emmerich 27th November 2015 The State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia is procuring 6 special fire trucks equipped with Hytrans High Volume Water Supply System units. Each district government in the state and the National Firefighting Training Institute in Munster will get one, 6 in total. The modules consist of a hook lift truck on which a Hytrans Mobile High Volume Water Supply System is mounted with a hose layer and a hose pick up system. The total truck when loaded weighs approximately 24 tonnes and can travel through high water to be used for flood mitigation also. The trucks are 420 HP, have 8 tyres each and … [Read more...]

Betuwe freight railway line secured by Hytrans

Betuwe freight railway line secured by Hytrans. Special fire trucks with high volume pumps and more access points along the tracks will enhance safety along the new 78 kilometer freight railway line from Oberhausen to the Netherlands border at Emmerich. Part of the new safety plan for the Betuwelijn are new Hytrans Fire System pumps mounted on cross terrain fire trucks each with up to 4 kms of hose. Units such as these are already in place in the towns of Emmerich and Duisburg but more will be acquired and stationed along the new freight line where it passes communities. The federal government will foot the bill according to the German Minister for the Environment Barbara Hendricks of … [Read more...]