Australia’s largest mobile fire water system

A major player in the petro chemical industry has taken delivery of a large capacity mobile fire water delivery system capable of the continuous supply of over 40,000 litres per minute. The water is collected from an open water source over 1 km away and then pumped to the fire in three 300mm / 12 inch flexible rubber hoses. Foam is added at the source using our new HDPE FOAMPOD’s. Over 5 km of 300mm / 12 inch hose can be deployed at 40 km per hour and recovered mechanically, requiring minimum manpower. The large scale mobile fire water is engineered and manufactured by HYTRANS.
Increasingly the oil and gas and the petro-chemical industry prefer mobile fire fighting systems. The reason is that explosions can leave fixed systems inoperable (Buncefield, Dalian, Fukushima), while usually fire brigades are not equipped to deal with large scale industrial fires. Innovative mechanization of large diameter hose laying and recovery in combination with the virtues of hydraulic pumping has made HYTRANS world leader in mobile water supply.