Architecturally blended permanent passive flood protection installed at critical sites

FloodBreak, the passive automatic flood barrier. No power whatsoever is needed for operation: deploys automatically by incoming flood water. Installed at sensitive and prestigious sites all over the world including at 19 EDF nuclear facilities in France, New York Subway MTA, Singapore LTA, mixed use high rises, embassies, hospitals, etc. Globally over 2,000 FloodBreak flood systems have been installed. None have failed.

During Hurricane Harvey more than 50 barriers were exposed to flood waters in the Houston area. Each one performed as designed. With no failures in flooding events Bluemont considers them the most reliable flood barriers available.
FloodBreak flood barriers have been installed in VIC, NSW, Queensland and New Zealand.
Approved by Councils and Water Utilities.

– Low profile set down / footprint in the slab; only 180mm or 305mm
– Any length, any height
– Pedestrian, vehicle, highway versions
– For indoors and outdoors
– Aluminium, no corrosion
For photos, videos and information:
FloodBreak does not require power/batteries, hydraulic power or any input from people.
Common applications: carpark entries, residences, offices, shopping centres, hospitals, roads.

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