Your Mobile Solutions for Fire & Flood

The Problem Your SOLUTION
Water access Hytrans water access up to 60 metres
Water supply Hytrans mobile water supply system transfers high volumes of water over long distances / many kilometres using large diameter flexible layflat hose.
Large diameter hose handling Hytrans HRU (hose recovery unit) mechanically recovers hose at 1,000 metres in 30 minutes.
Flood pumping / de-watering Hytrans mobile flood pumps de-water up to 50,000 lpm.
Flooding A broad range of mobile flood barriers, from 150mm high to 2400mm high. Deployed in minutes for flashflood and burst pipes.
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Exclusive distributor for:

KYOWA Rock Filter Bags
BEAVER Mobile water-filled flood barriers (tubes)
BOXBARRIER Mobile water-filled flood barriers (box)
RESCUESIM Incident Command Simulation
HYTRANS Mobile water supply and high volume pumps
ICONOS Nozzle Hose
LENOIR Mobile flood barriers (fold-out)
NOFLOODS Mobile water-filled flood barriers (tubes)
AQUAFENCE Mobile flood barriers (fold-out fence)
NOAQ BOXWALL Mobile flood barrier (fence)

Bluemont works throughout all of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.